Spring evokes fresh and new. Hyacinth, narcissus and tulip bulbs push through the soil to reach for the fresh air and light. Much like us, the blooms reach for the sunlight after a long winters slumber. Refreshed and renewed. The colors are soft and muted, as if to gently coax us back into the rhythm of the day.

Bulbs, branches, and blooms are joined in this awakening by the symphony of songbirds. Their early morning song might be one of the most cheerful sounds of the season. Starting early in the season as a mere whisper, they end the season in full competition of song.

In addition to the sights and the sounds of the season, there is the scent of the season. The nostalgic fragrance of daphne, hyacinth and lilac perfuming the Spring air is intoxicating. Add a refreshing spring rain? Perfect.

While most images on this site will be captured by myself and my constant apple I-phone camera, these gorgeous images of early Spring tulips, hyacinth and flowering branches were captured by my immensely talented friend Jennifer of Jennifer Winter Photography.

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