The Peony

Peony season is upon us!  Hip! Hip! Hooray!   The perfect ingredient for gorgeous bouquets, single study blooms or additions to the garden. Plump balls of blooms offered in an array of perfumed color.  Blush and hot pinks, burgundy, coral, yellow, white all are equal in their charm.  Ruffled, fringed or smooth? I absolutely cannot choose a favorite. I will simply gather up all the varieties in their sprint of a season.  

Floral Fun Facts (a few): 

-Peonies grow either as an herbaceous plant or as a semi-woody shrub (tree peony).  Delicate and lush as the blooms are, the plant itself is surprisingly resilient to abuse. It is drought tolerant, thrives in subpar soil and tolerant to cooler conditions when dormant in the soil. Low maintenance gorgeous? A champion of flowers!

-Peony pest or pal?!  If planted in your garden you may have noticed the "lollipop" buds crawling with ants.  This is a good thing, so don't panic.  The ants are, in fact, attracted to the sweet nectar inside the bud. This activity helps to open up the bud, allowing the ants to go inside and gobble it all up.  I have often thought of it as a frenzied tickling of the bud by the ants that force the peony open.  Coaxing through laughter, the blooming of the peony in the garden. In addition to coaxing the blooms open, the ants also help to keep other pests at bay. 

-Peony plants can live upwards to 100 years old.  Plant it forward for a beautiful future! 

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