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Heavenly Hydrangea

Big. Bold. Beautiful. BOASTFUL(?!). According to the Language of Flowers, the Victorians assigned this insult of a word to the hydrangea due to its largesse. The look at me characteristic was not in alliance with the discretion of the Victorian era. I think a better word description for this bloom could be steadfast or loyal.

It is a plant, and blossom, that consistently delivers. Producing, and performing, in your garden, your home and your bouquet.

Listed here are four of the most popular species within the Hydrangea genus.

1. Hydrangea macrophylla; Moorhead or lacecap. Pink or blue blooms flowering in the gardens that you know.

2. Hydrangea aborescens; Annabelle & family. Stunning white with spectacular scale of blooms. 10" diameter. Consider the "boastful" move of planting this as a hedge.

3. Hydrangea quercifola; Oakleaf. Offering four seasons of interest with the added bonus of super low maintenance.

4. Hydrangea paniculata; PeeGee. Cone-like (pear shaped) beige blooms with hint of blush.

Hydrangeas are low maintenance, but water loving and water needing. The name suggests hydration. Literally translates in Greek to Water Barrel. "Hydor" water and "angos" jar or vessel. Water your shrubs. Water your cut blooms top and bottom. The blooms will continue to absorb moisture from its floppy mophead of a blossom.

Make hydrangea bouquets. Make hanging orbs of hydrangea blooms. Make floral crowns and declare yourself queen. Insert hydrangea blooms into fresh wreaths.

Be bold in your use and planting garden treasure. Be boastful when you share all the many things that you have created with your hydrangea harvest.

Happy Summer! May it be filled with health, Hydrangeas and happiness.

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