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Summertime and the living is easy...

Inspired, I look for ways to both simplify, and amplify, this glorious season of sunshine and abundance! Look no further than the realm of succulent  plants for no nonsense,  and no effort, gardening!  

Succulents, or water storage plants, are distinctive in their structural, almost sculptural, fleshy form.  This distinguishing feature is indicative of  their ability to store water - ideal for arid climate and conditions.  Simply put, they are drought resistant plants in which leaves, stems and/or roots have become exaggeratedly fleshy by the development of water storing tissue. High temperatures and low rainfall are no match for the self sufficiency of the succulent plant. They welcome, and thrive, with less than ideal conditions.  How easy is that?!  

In celebration of the succulent, and the ease of summer, please consider joining me for a super fun workshop of succulent bracelet making!  Not only is it really easy to make and long lasting, it is beyond super cool to wear!  And the best part?!  You can replant most of the materials!  

Treat yourself!  Invite a friend! Or ask a family  member to join in on this unique opportunity to create.  Thursday, August 3rd. 4.00 pm @Jennifer Winters Studio, Kirkland WA.   Limited space/nominal fee.

DM me for specifics.   

AND Moss and Twigs seasonal candle Summer has arrived! They will be available at workshop.  Essence of sea moss and sea salt.  Think clean and salty - like marine air.  

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